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Ambler Arts

Welcome to Ambler Arts. We are a group of parents who want to give every child at the school the chance to explore the arts and unleash their creative potential. We want to support Ambler to be a creatively vibrant school rich in arts opportunities in all disciplines.


We aim to do this by connecting to local arts organisations and talent, fundraising to enable arts projects within the school and supporting the existing arts and creativity in Ambler.


In 2016, our first year, we facilitated author/illustrator Karin Littlewood to run workshops with each class on world book day and organised an inspirational school-wide art project, Hall of DREAMS, part-fundraised from a successful sponsored bounce.


For the Hall of DREAMS project, professional artist duo Art Hoppers ran workshops with every class in the school, using abstract art to explore the themes of Ambler’s DREAMS motto. The children explored new and exciting drawing techniques, and Art Hoppers used materials from the workshops to create striking art works for the newly renovated hall. Years 5 and 6 also invented their own drawing machines! Look out for the art works in the new hall and the ground floor spaces.


The Hall of DREAMS project was the first of its kind at Ambler. We are looking to create more opportunities for the children to engage with the arts, and we’re keen to get other parents involved in upcoming projects. We would particularly like to hear from any parents working in or with links to the creative industries.


If you want to get involved or hear more please drop us a line on, and follow us on instagram @amblerarts