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Achieving more


Governors are volunteers made up of staff, parents and members of the local community. Ambler is grateful to have a very hard-working, actively involved and committed group of governors with a mix of skills and expertise.


Collectively, their role is to:


  1. Ensure Ambler has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school / pupils and the performance management of staff
  3. Oversee Ambler’s finances and make sure money is well spent


Governors act as a ‘critical friend’, providing support and challenge to the headteacher and the senior leadership team, working alongside them to set the strategic direction of the school.


Governing Body Vision

As the Governing Body we support Ambler’s values and behaviours in its aim to Achieve More. In particular we support, and will aim ourselves to demonstrate, the six core values of DREAMS: Determination, Resilience, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Motivation and Self-belief.


As a Governing Body we will lead by example. We will support senior leaders, staff, the children, parents and carers in driving improvement and the highest levels of achievement and personal development. We will fulfil our ambitions for Ambler by adopting a robust and supportive approach, holding senior leaders to account for all aspects of Ambler’s performance and recognising and celebrating Ambler’s achievements.


We will achieve this through the range of Governing Body Committees, meetings of the Governing Body and regular engagement with Ambler, it’s senior leaders and other staff arising from our individual Link Governor roles.


Dates of all governor meetings can be found in the school calendar.