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Achieving more

School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Sandy McNicholl
Deputy Headteacher – Mike Dickie
Assistant Head for Inclusion – Bridget Hradsky
Head of Children’s Centre – Cíara Rush
Business Manager – Gary Wong


Extended Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Head for Key Stage 1 – Aimee Leads
Assistant Head for Lower Key Stage 2 – Chris Field
Assistant Head for Upper Key Stage 2 – Isabel Roberts


Subject Leaders

Art and Design – Keisha Miller & Rachael Gilbert
Computing – Chris Field
Design and Technology – Nick Odlin
English (Reading) – Trixie Goh
English (Writing) – Anna Sawyer
Geography and History – Chris Field
Mathematics – Isabel Roberts
Modern Foreign Languages – Ian Read
PSHE and Religious Education – Monica Marcou
Physical Education  – Daniel Cordery
Science and Sustainability – Katrina Campbell
Oracy – Aimee Leeds
Equality and Diversity – Maxine Daniels
Pastoral Care, Mental Health and Wellbeing – Olivia McDonnell & Bridget Hradsky


Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Reception Blue: Teacher – Sophie Smith-Tong  EY Educator – Lindsey Watson
Reception Green: Teacher – Beth Ewin   EY Educator – Kim Olayokun
Year 1B: Teacher – Liana Briggs   Teaching Assistant – Salma Banu
Year 1G: Teacher – Keisha Miller    Teaching Assistant – Sam Singh
Year 2B: Teacher – Katie McLellan    Teaching Assistant – Leon Samuel
Year 2G: Teacher – Katrina Brent   Teaching Assistant – Kristen Clatworthy
Year 3B: Teacher – Kiah Turney   Teaching Assistant – Emine Tahsin
Year 3G: Teacher – Kiah Turney   Teaching Assistant – Emine Tahsin
Year 4B: Teacher – Maxine Daniels/Chris Field  Teaching Assistant – Anna Jakstiņš
Year 4G: Teacher – Dan Cordery   Teaching Assistant – Anna Jakstiņš
Year 5B: Teacher –  Olivia McDonnell    Teaching Assistant –  Georgia Myers
Year 5G: Teacher –  Ian Read    Teaching Assistant –  Georgia Myers
Year 6B: Teacher –  Nick Odlin  Teaching Assistant – Charlie Moir
Year 6G: Teacher – Trixie Goh   Teaching Assistant – Charlie Moir


Intervention, Inclusion and Pastoral Care

Learning Mentor: Dipa Deb

Educational Psychotherapist: Katy Singer

Child and Family Support Worker: Chloe Casey

Learning Support Assistants: Viv Hylton, Aisha Jacob-Williams, Shané Miller, Salmah Mownah & Wallatta Nicholson


Office and Premise Staff

Senior Admin Officer – Ori Dervishi

Admin and Welfare Assistant – Laura Henney

Administrative Assistants – Leonie McGregor / Louise Parker

Premises Manager – Paul Fossett

Assistant Premises Manager – Maira Zambrano


Extended School Staff

Extended Day Coordinator – Charlie Moir
Extended Day Staff – Sonia Sepaul & Emine Tahsin