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Online Safety

At Ambler, keeping children safe online is a key priority. All classroom environments display the acronym ‘SMART’ (see the Computing Be SMART Poster) as well as the Digital 5-a day as part of an online safety display.​ These ideas are explained in assemblies to the children and form part of the staff’s common vocabulary on the subject. We also mark ‘Safer Internet Day’ in February every year. Children will do extra online safety lessons on this day, have a special assembly and some year groups will have workshops from outside agencies.

In Years 5 and 6, children at Ambler get a chance to apply to become a ‘Digital Leader’. These children help manage the constructive use of computers at lunchtimes by other children; help run assemblies on safe technology use; and get the opportunity to go on computing-related trips as a reward for their hard work.


To raise the profile of online safety at Ambler, in consultation with the wider school community, we have developed our own ‘Digital Charter’. This agreement is a message we display and promote with children and their families alike.

Digital Charter