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Achieving more

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

This statement is for the Ambler community: our children, families and carers, governors and everyone working at Ambler Primary School and Children’s Centre.


We promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion

  • We value difference and the rich variety in our community. We are all special and we are all part of our One Ambler family.
  • We respect everyone at Ambler whatever their race, ethnic origin and skin colour, disability or ability, gender or gender reassignment, sexual orientation, language, religion and belief, money and social status, marital status and family type, pregnancy and maternity or age.
  • We give extra support to those who need it to make sure everyone can make the most of their lives and talents. 


We recognise there is disadvantage and advantage in our world

  • Prejudice and discrimination are a real part of everyday life for many groups in our community. This makes it harder for people to succeed.
  • People can do, say and think in a biased way without even noticing. We work hard to look out for this in ourselves and change it. 


We actively challenge prejudice and discrimination of any kind.

  • Schools have an Equality Duty – this is the law. We’ll never put up with discrimination of any kind at Ambler.
  • We teach ourselves, our families and children about discrimination and disadvantage – why it happens, why it’s wrong and what we can do to change things.
  • We teach children empathy, tolerance, respect and understanding and how to stand up for themselves and others.


Work on making things better has begun – but isn’t finished

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion are Ambler priorities and part of everything we do.
  • We’re changing what we teach, how our school looks, our learning resources, the range of festivals we celebrate and our recruitment.
  • We value everyone’s contribution.
  • We recognise that this work is ongoing and we will continue to improve what we do.


If you see something at Ambler that doesn’t fit with this statement, we want to know. We are keen to learn and will listen to what you say.  This will help us to make our school a better place for everyone. Please speak to a member of staff or contact Sandy McNicholl or Ciara Rush