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Parent Portal and the Arbor App

What is the Parent Portal?

Arbor is the pupil database used by Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre. The Parent Portal is a version of Arbor accessible to parents and carers on a laptop or computer.


What is the Arbor App?

The Arbor App is the mobile version of Parent Portal, for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Parents/carers can download the Arbor App for free from either the Play store for Android phones or the App Store for IOS.


Parents and Guardians have the same login and account details to the Arbor App and the Parent Portal.


Why do I need access to Parent Portal or the Arbor App?

Official communication is sent via Arbor. All parents and carers are expected to register with Arbor Portal Portal to ensure they receive all relevant communication.


You will need Arbor Parent Portal, or the Arbor App, to:


  • receive messages sent by the school or children's centre
  • receive our newsletter, The Ambler Chronicle
  • book slots for parents' evenings
  • book and pay for wraparound care (year 1 to year 6)
  • pay for school clubs, trips and other items 
  • give consent for certain activities, events or trips.